Self-employed veterinarians

Welcome to the Tierärzteversorgung Niedersachsen

As a member of the Tierärztekammer Niedersachsen, Bremen, Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein, you are a member of the Tierärzteversorgung Niedersachsen.

Your compulsory contribution amounts to 16.00 % of the contribution ceiling of the statutory pension insurance (BBG 2023 =
€ 7,300.00 per month), i.e. € 1,168.00 per month (€ 14,016.00 per year). If your annual income from self-employed veterinary work does not reach the BBG, you pay 16.00 % of your income per month. The income must be verified by a confirmation from your tax advisor or by a copy of the income tax statement.

If you have paid contributions to another Tierärzteversorgung for less than 97 months and you are not yet 50 years old, you can apply for the transfer of contributions. The application shall be submitted within six months of the commencement of employment.

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