Invalidity pension

If you are no longer able to pursue the medical profession for health reasons, the Tierärzteversorgung Niedersachsen offers you financial support.

You are entitled to an invalidity pension if:

  • you are no longer able to practice your medical profession due to a physical infirmity or weakness of your physical or mental powers,
  • you have ceased all your medical activity,
  • the incapacity to work lasts longer than 90 days and
  • you have made at least one contribution.

Cessation of veterinary activity
If you are veterinarian in your own practice, the veterinary activity is not considered to be discontinued if the practice is continued by a representative or assistant or if you remain a partner of a community practice. Exceptions may be made for temporary invalidity pensions.

If you are a veterinarian employed, the veterinary activity shall not be deemed to have ceased for the duration of the payment.

Additional time
In addition to your actually acquired increases, the Tierärzteversorgung Niedersachsen grants you a calculation period for the period from the beginning of your incapacity to the age of 60 years.

Start of pension
The pension payment begins with the termination of veterinary activity if the application is submitted within six months thereafter; otherwise with the month of application.

You can find the pension application and further information here.